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Commonly asked Questions about Sikhism
There are many unanswered or illogically answered questions related to Sikhism, before our present generation, preliminary for two reasons 1. Lack of knowledge 2. Influence of other myths in the minds of answering persons.

Dr. Gurbax Singh in his book "The Sikh Faith - Question and Answers" has replied such many questions with logical and right answers.

Some of these question - answers are cited here, still you have any more questions, you can ask us in our GURBANI HELP section.
What is the purpose of repeating Paath over and over again if you don't understand it?
Is it against our religion to drink alcohol or is it bad only if you over drink and get drunk?
In some Gutkas, why are the Banis and Ardaas longer than normal?
Is the dead body of a Sikh to be cremated or buried? What happens to it?
Guru Gobind Singh gave one Amrit. Now, we have so many Amrits - Akal Takhat Amrit, sant Amrit, Jatha Amrit, etc. Why is there such a conflict about what an Amritdhari should do or should not be?

If a lady takes Amrit she must tie a turban. Why?
How are Amritdharis different from those Sikhs who live by Guru Granth Sahib, but do not wear the 5 symbols?

How are they different from those people who serve humanity as a Khalsa is supposed to be?
Why do we have to have long hair?

How do we answer this question, "if you keep long hair, being God-given, why cut your nails which are also God-given?"
What are the five symbols for?
Why is the Kara (bracelet) not of silver or gold?

If you do Amritshak (Initiation), can ladies wear earring makeup, and other jewelry?
Do Sikhs celebarate Diwali ? Is tying a "Rakhri" or "Rakhi" a Sikh ritual? Why or why not?
My mom says you should not wash you hair on Fridays. Why not?
Why do boys wear "Turban"? Why can't they keep their hair hanging down like English people? Also, male Sikhs tie turbans; why not female?
Who made Guru Nanak Dev a Guru?

Why does not someone like Guru Nanak come to earth in this time to stop wickedness, thefts, liars, etc.?
Why did Guru Gobind Singh have more than one wife?

How many marriages did Guru Gobind Singh have?
Does it really matter whether the Sakhis are true or not?
Are the pictures of the Gurus real ? If not, then why do we hang them ?
Why do we have to take off our shoes when go into Gurdwara when Christians don't, even thought they too have their holy Bible placed in their church?
Why do we keep a money-box before the Guru Granth Sahib? Is God greedy?
Why do men and women sit separately? Why is the stage always on the right side (the side of the men)?

Why do we sit on the floor?
Why do we have to do Ardaas? (At the end of the function, just read Gurbaani in the holy book).

Why do we stand up for performing Ardaas?
Why do we do bow to touch the ground with our forehead to the holy Guru Granth Sahib? Is it not idol worship?
Why do we do Chaur on the Guru Granth Sahib ? Why do we put the Granth Sahib on a bed? Why the Chanani or canopy?
What is the difference between getting a name picked by the Guru Granth Sahib and by your parents? Are there any advantages in either way?
Why do we give out 'Parshad' the Sweet Pudding?
Is it necessary for a Sikh to take Amrit, (initiation)? If don't take Amrit can we still be considered close to the Guru?
What is the next step after you are initiated?
Where in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib is it written that we must wear six to seven yards of turban?
Why do weapons play an important role in our religion? Is it not an act against peace?

What does the Khanda mean?
Is not Sikhism just another religion? Don't all religions preach the path to God?

Why did Guru Teg Bahadur sacrifice his life for the Hindus, when Sikhism does not encourage the practice of Hindu rituals?
We take out Parsad in the name of the Panj Pyaras. Similarly, why do we not take our Parsad in the name of the ten Gurus as well?
  We do recommend to read the book "The Sikh Faith - Question and Answers" written by
Dr. Gurbax Singh, published by Dharam Parchar Committee, SGPC, Amritsar, India.

Write to the publisher for a paid copy or to us for a free copy.

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