My mom says you should not wash you hair on Fridays. Why not?

Some people consider certain days to be good or bad for certain actions. In the West, many people believe there is a particular day when one should not work but pray; Sunday, Saturday, and Friday are such days for the Christians, the Jews, and the Muslims respectively. They do not eat meat or a particular kind of meat on certain days of the week, or during certain weeks of the year.

Similarly, Hindus also consider certain days to be auspicious or inauspicious for certain actions. As mentioned in the question, some people don't wash their hair on Friday or Thursday; some don't travel on particular days in a particular direction.

In the Sikh faith, no such thinking is entertained. The Sikhs believe the names of the days and the numbering of the dates are given by man and not by God. God made days, not good or bad days. They become good or bad to us according to or actions. When you love and remember God. Gurmat says it is a good day for you; when you ignore Him it is a bad day.

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