Does it really matter whether the Sakhis are true or not?

Sakhis are a part of history; however, the actual details mentioned by the writers/narrators differ and may not be true. This happens all the time with all religions. If two people write about an historical incident they give different details. Many Sakhis were not written at the time they happened. They were only oral history passed on from person to person. It must be remembered that Sikh Sakhis are not fables; they are a part of history. Some differences and variations in them, however, have been introduced because of the perceptions and feelings of the writers and narrators when they were passed on from generation orally.

Fables and mythological stories are written for moral lessons. They are acceptable as they have a very important place in he literature of a nation, Community, and religion. In the Sikh religion too, people have written such literature to teach lessons to the common, uneducated masses. Sometimes, they are confused with historical Sakhis. That is not in the interest of the Sikhs or the Sikh philosophy.

it is agreed that the purpose of the Sakhis or fables is to teach us how to be good people. We should learn lessons from them for guiding us in our lives rather than wasting time in arguing about their details.

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