Why do we keep a money box before the Guru Granth Sahib? Is God greedy?

Is God greedy?

A Sikh makes his offerings (money, groceries, etc.) before the Guru to express his thanks for His favors. We do not give donations or charity to God or the Guru. It is way of expressing our love and regards for Him. One example will explain it.

A professor takes great interest in his student. He loves him and helps him in his studies. The student obtains a degree and finds a good job. He brings a gift of sweets to his teacher to say my teacher, thank you for all you did to help me through my education. It has enabled me to get a nice job. The student is not giving a charity or a donation to his teacher by offering him the sweets but expressing his love and respect to him through it.

In the same way, a Sikh goes to the Gurdwara for expressing his thanks to God and to the Guru for the favors he is enjoying as a human being. Sikhs consider this life as a gift of God for singing His praises. We are not born sinners as some Christians think it to be.

Further, when we give money for social cause, it again is not a charity or donation according to Sikh philosophy. This is sharing of earnings with others. A father brings some candy bars and gives them to one of his children. The child shares these with all his brothers and sisters. He is not donating or giving charity to his sisters or brothers by sharing the gifts given by their father. Similarly God is our Father. He has created all things for His children who are supposed to share His gifts among themselves. This act of sharing is our responsibility. By doing so we are not obliging anyone but doing our duty assigned to us by our Father, God.

God is the creator of everything. He owns everything in this universe. God does not need "out" money. If a child offers a glass of juice to his father or mother, he is not giving it as a "charity" to them. Since everything in the house belongs to his parents, his act only shows his correct behavior. Actually, by this the parents educate their children to share the things in the house with their relatives and friends, as a matter of good conduct and responsible behavior. God being the Owner of everything in this world, and the Giver of everything to us, the question of His being greedy does not arise.

Where does the money go?

Every religious organization/center is run by the contributions of the believers of that faith. Money is needed for maintenance of the buildings and for running the organization. Such expenses are met out of the offerings made by the visitors to the Gurdwara. Money is also spent for funding the projects to educate the members and their children about the faith.

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