Is it against our religion to drink alcohol or is it bad only if you over drink and get drunk?

Yes. Drinking alcohol even in small quantities to enjoy its effect is against the Sikh Reht. Alcoholic drinks are forbidden because of their ill effect on the mind and body. But there is no restriction against taking medicine or foods, which may have minute quantities of alcohol in them. Most of the liquid medicines usually do have some kind of alcohol as a solvent. They are not prohibited for a Sikh. However, taking medicine with the intention of drinking alcohol is contrary to the Sikh belief.

It would be interesting to give here some quotations for Gurbaani:

"One should strictly avoid alcohol by drinking of which one loses one's love for God and is punished in His Court."

"Good persons do not consume alcohol even if it is prepared by using Gangajal (sacred water of the Ganges)."

"One should 'drink' the nectar of His Name and not the useless alcohol. Drinking alcohol means losing the valuable life in gambling."

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