Why do we give out 'Parshad' the Sweet Pudding?

It is a custom all over the world to offer something good to a person who is dear to you. We visit the Gurdwara to pay respect to our Guru and listen to the praises of the Lord, God. The Guru loves us and on his behalf we are given a gift, the Parshad. It is very tasty, easily eaten, without the need of any drink to swallow it. It is prepared with equal quantities of wheat flour, sugar, and ghee (butter). It carefully prepared, it has no problem in its distribution or eating. In India, it is considered the best food and its name is used as a proverb to describe something extremely tasty and very easy to be swallowed. One needs to develop a taste for it to like it any enjoy it. Many children in the west do enjoy it and want to get a second serving of the Parshad. Of course, one can request a smaller serving if he/she so wants.

It is only when it is not well prepared that it gets sticky or is oily. Once in a while, omissions do take place in its preparation. We should value the spirit behind it and ignore the omissions. We do take bitter and distasteful medicine because we know it is good for our health. Similarly taking Parshad is a part of our faith. We do it to reinforce our faith in Gurmat.

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