Where in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib is it written that we must wear six to seven yards of turban?

The answer to the question can best be understood by bringing another question to our mind, "On which page in the book "Rules of the Hockey Game", is the uniform of a hockey team described?" All of us know the answer is "nowhere". It describes only the rules and regulations of the hockey game and is not expected to prescribed the uniforms of the teams who want to play the game. That choice, we know, lies with the organizers of the team.

Sri Guru Granth describes the mission of human life and teaches us how to achieve that. Anyone and everyone, of whatever faith one may be, is welcome to take advantage of the directions and guidance for leading one's life on the path described in Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

In 1699 Guru Gobind Rai founded, Khalsa Panth, a "team" of the Sikhs under the "captainship" of the Panj Pyaras and ordered them to wear the 5K uniform, which includes the wearing of the turban to cover one's head. One has a choice to be a member of the Sikh Panth or not.

Wearing a turban is not the invention of the Guru; this practice is as old as the written history of mankind. It will interest the readers to know that the Old Testament mentions the requirement of typing turbans by the priests. "Once they enter the gates of the inner Court, they are to wear linen vestments, they shall wear linen turban and linen drawers on their loins." Old Test. Ezekiel 44:18-19. Even in the West, in the so called advanced culture which does not always respect traditional values, a bride at the time of her marriage still feels honored to cover her head and face by a veil. The requirement of covering one's head is not peculiar to Sikh faith; it is an old worldwide culture of the civilized people.

Gurbaani is concerned only with describing the mission of human life and guiding the followers to achieve that goal. It enlightens the holy path for all of humanity and tells us how to follow it. It teaches us how to take advantage of the gift of human life and enjoy it. In simple words, Gurbaani, the sacred scripture, guides all human beings to identify with their Lord (Father and Mother of all people) and thus help them to fulfill themselves by loving Her/Him. Gurbaani guides all of us, not just Sikhs alone, for this union.

We, Sikhs, have been designated as the Akal Purkh Ki Fauj and were given our 5K uniform including the turban. We wear it not just because we believe in Gurbaani, non-Sikhs, also believe in the teachings of the Guru Granth Sahib but because we are all members of the Khalsa Panth whose membership requires both males and females to keep their heads covered.

Sikhs wear shirts, pants and other clothes, not because it is written in Sri Guru Granth, but because it is a part of the culture of civilized human beings. They wear Turbans and maintain the 5K's, not because it is mentioned in Guru Granth Sahib but because it is a requirement for members of the Panth.

Police, army, and sportsmen all have their uniform to identify them and remind them of their mission. They enjoy wearing their uniform. Similarly Sikhs enjoy wearing the 5K's, which includes the turban as their identity and honour. It reminds them of their mission.


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