Why do weapons play an important role in our religion? Is it not an act against peace?

What does the Khanda mean?

Wearing a weapon is an act of peace provided it is worn by people who are entitled to do that. Every country has policemen wearing weapons. They are for peace and not against peace. To stop violence by armed thugs there is no other way but the use of weapons. Hence, there is an old saying: "If you want peace, be prepared for war."

Sikhs are a nation who wants peace for all, including the weak; they need weapons to protect the rights of the helpless. Sikh history is filled with Sikh sacrifices for protecting people from terrorism committed by state authority and looting invaders. Hence, weapons play an important role in their faith. Kirpan is a symbol of traditional weapons and is included as one of the 5K's to be worn by a Sikh.

The logo called Khanda is a unique way of depicting two Kirpans, a chakar and a khanda as one composition. As Khanda is the main central arm, with Kirpans placed around it, the logo is also called Khanda. This is just placing the three popular Sikh arms in an organized way. Any significance attached to any of the three constituents of the logo is an intellectual invention to search for an unneeded justification. Some persons say Chakar represents God because like God, Chakar has no beginning and no end. This is an incorrect interpretation of the logo. By usage, it has become a logo of the Sikh nation, the way the Cross is accepted as a symbol of Christianity. Sikhs want peace, if need be by the use of weapons, hence this logo of traditional weapons put together in an artistic design.

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