Is the dead body of a Sikh to be cremated or buried? What happens to it?

Sikhism does not restrict the way in which a dead body may be disposed of. People may bury the body, throw it in water, cremate it, or treat it in any convenient but respectful way. None of these methods helps or harms the soul in any manner. The soul remains unaffected by any treatment to the body. Sikhs generally cremate the dead body just because it is a convenient way to dispose of the corpse. They do not do so because it will help the soul go to Heaven. In contrast, other religious believe that the disposal of a dead body is a religious act and that the dead body has to be treated in the way prescribed by their religion. Muslims and many Christians bury the dead body burning it is against their faith. Hindus generally cremate their dead or deliver their bodies to some sacred river or sea.

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