Growth of Responsibility  in Sikhism
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The Sikh is essentially a disciple. His religion, therefore, is best understood when we regard it as a life, a discipline and not a history or philosophy, Most learners of Sikhism take the events of Sikh history incoherently, and begin to make invidious distinctions about the conduct of different Gurus. Some they regard as "peaceful", others as worldly and contentious. They are equally disappointed when they study the Holy Granth as a book of philosophy.

These doubts and difficulties will be removed, if we carefully study the whole range of Sikh history as revealing the gradual making and development of a nation in the hands of its ten successive leaders. It is the crystallization of a nation's spirit, and is to be realized as a unity, and not read as a blue-pencilled notebook.

The genius of the Sikh Gurus had a greater and noble task before it. A whole nation was on the anvil and all the teaching and action was designed to contribute to the making of its character.

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"The Growth Of Responsibility In Sikhism" is written by Sr. Teja Singh and Published by SGPC, Amritsar, India.

Above chapters are just synopsis of his book, to get this book in paper form you may write to the publisher or ask us for a free copy.


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