Historical Gurdwaras in India

State of ORISSA


1) Gurdwara Baoli Sahib
- Puri, commonly called Jagannath Puri after the famous Hindu Temple of Jagannath, was visited by Guru Nanak Dev in 1509 during his eastern travels. He preached against idolatry and exhorted the people to sing praises of the One God, who is Formless and yet all forms are His. Gurdwara Baoli ahib and Mangu Math served by Udasi priests commemorate the Guru's visit. These were first established by Bhai Almast, the notable Udasi preacher, during the middle of the seventeenth century.


1) Gurdwara Guru Nanak Datan Sahib or Kaliaboda Gurdwara
- Guru Nanak Dev also stayed at Cuttock on his way to Puri. Here, among others, the local ruler Raja Partap Rudra Dev received instruction from him. The shrine commemorative of the Guru is outside the town on the bank of Mahanadi River near Kishti Ghat aong the way to Jagannath Puri. It is served by Udasi priests. Now a Gurdwara has also been established; it is called Gurdwara Datan Sahib or, locally, Kaliaboda Gurdwara.


Other Historical Gurdwaras in India
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