amrit sanchar

(Amrit Sanchar)
Initiation is a very common practice in almost all the religions although known with different names, with different aims and methods and with the passage of time have became merely a ritual whereas in Sikhism it is just not another custom rather is a bond of commitment and sincerity of Sikhs towards Guru.

Amritsanchar in Sikhism is initiation and an initiated person is called Amritdhari.

The revolution that Guru Nanak started against inhuman practices and rituals and up-liftment of common man's life got completed by the time of Guru Gobind Singh, who could have realized that his successor would be Shabad Guru (Guru) Granth Sahib many years before he announced the same and at that stage he would had thought of bringing Sikhs in an organized discipline and under rehat maryada (code of conduct) in order to follow the teachings of (Guru) Granth Sahib. May be at that time he developed the concept of initiation, which even today is world's most unique & logical process.

This was the time when Guru gave the world ever best example of delegation of authority by initiation first five Sikhs himself and then authorizing only them to initiate others including himself, since then only such five initiated Sikhs can perform this act.

Guru did never imposed this practice on Sikhs rather made it's purpose so clear that they can understand the need of it and much glorious part of it is that right from his first call on Baisakhi day of 1699 till date Sikhs are volunteering for this.

The process and very purpose is made simple and easily adaptable. During this process one understands the motive of life and it helps an Amritdhari to remain alert towards the Guru's teachings.

Guru Gobind Singh with this system have ruled out wrong notion of a person to be mistaken as Sikh just by birth in a Sikh family or by adapting the symbols of Sikh personality from outside, which Guru had visualized that may happen after him and we know he was right.
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